Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Vic Winter

TITLE: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
AUTHOR: Vic Winter
PUBLISHER: Torquere Press
LENGTH: Short story (roughly 3.8k)
GENRE: Gay contemporary erotica
COST: $1.29

After a painful break-up, Jaiden’s best friend drags him away for the weekend, only to find he’s been brought to a B&B that caters to gay men. He has no intention of hooking up with anyone, but a surfer on the beach catches his attention and before he knows it, they’re back in his room…

I keep buying Vic Winter’s sips in hopes of finding something as charming as the first story I read, but this is the weakest of everything I’ve bought. It’s not riddled with any of the normal editing issues most Torquere stories are, but nothing about it was very memorable. The characters are very average, the situation a little mundane, and the sex more perfunctory than arousing. It’s a case of a weekend of sex mending a broken heart, which I can’t say I buy if the characters or the sex aren’t more exciting than what’s presented here.

I’m not giving up on this author. I know the talent is there. It’s just a matter of finding it.


7/10 – Easy prose without the usual Torquere problems, but nothing outstanding

Hero #1

5/10 – Likable, but ultimately forgettable

Hero #2

4/10 – Too short and doesn’t do much more than serve as a nice guy to help Jaiden forget

Entertainment value

5/10 – Diverting but nothing memorable

World building

6/10 – This is more about the men than it is about any sense of place.



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