Friday, October 17, 2008

The Professor's Spring Fling by Annick Claire

TITLE: The Professor’s Spring Fling
AUTHOR: Annick Claire
PUBLISHER: Wild Rose Press
LENGTH: Short story (roughly 13k)
GENRE: Contemporary erotic romance
COST: $3.00

Professor Amelia Bradley has the hots for one of her students, the gorgeous, enigmatic Nick Creston. He is the perfect specimen, except for the fact that their positions make it ethically impossible for her to agree to his advance. But Nick isn’t the type of man to take no for an answer, even if he has to tie her down to get her to agree…

This story is pure escapist fantasy. The heroine is twenty-six and already a literary wunderkind, merely teaching for the year to prove she can do it. The hero is gorgeous, so rich nobody can figure out who he really is, liked by all, and brilliant. These characters don’t have flaws or in any way resemble real people. Same goes for the situation. 100% wish fulfillment in almost every way possible.

With all that in mind, the sex is hot. There’s a little bit of role-playing, some mild bondage, lots of foreplay…enough to keep the bulk of the story clipping along, doing exactly what it’s meant to. Both Amelia and Nick are appealing within the roles they’ve been cast. Any reader with that sort of fantasy will be more than satisfied. However, when the story attempts to wrap it all up in a little romance package at the end, the fantasy gets shattered a tiny bit for me. I won’t spoil what the deal is with Nick, but there is absolutely no way his identity could not have been discovered with a simple Google search. Expecting him to retain his anonymity for so long just isn’t realistic, even within the framework of the fantasy. I suppose, though, for the purposes of making it as unrealistic as possible, it could happen. It just spoiled the ending for me, since I expected it to be a little bit smarter than that.


8/10 – Clean and erotic


6/10 – Too good to be true, but hey, it’s a fantasy all the way anyway


6/10 – Nice, but again, too good to be true.

Entertainment value

7/10 – Hot, hot, and more hot as pure fantasy, which gets sullied at the end by an incompletely plausible detail

World building

5/10 – this isn’t about the world. This is about the sex.



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