Friday, December 26, 2008

Favorite Erotic Stories of 2008

Originally, I was going to do my five favorite erotic stories and my five favorite non-erotic stories. But then it turned out that 4 of my favorites of everything non-erotic matched my favorite novel-length stories so I decided it would be a waste of time. Which means, just my favorite erotic stories, some of which you've already seen mentioned this year...

4th Runner Up
Like a Thief in the Night by Bettie Sharpe

I've said so much already about this novella that I'm not sure what's left. Edgy, original, visceral to the core. Read it.

3rd Runner Up
Lights Out! by Amber Green

One of the more complex stories I read this past year, the first book in this series is imaginative and mesmerizing, with some spectacular turns of phrase that makes the author's voice stand out from the crowd. In compiling this list, I've only just realized that I've had the sequels to this on my TBR pile for too long. I really need to root those out and immerse myself back into this fascinating world.

2nd Runner Up
Slave to Love by Nikita Black

I consider this a complete guilty pleasure. The hero is a real bastard a good part of the time, and the set-up straight out of the cheesiest romance. But it works. Well. Very well. Mick is sinister and seductive, and the reading experience one of the most intense I had all year.

1st Runner Up
Jackson's Jewel by N.J. Walters

Another guilty pleasure. N.J. Walters is one of the most readable authors out there for me, and if I don't always believe in her plots, I do believe in her heroes a good part of the time. And her sex scenes are always right on the money for me. I've liked Jackson since he was first introduced in this series, so finally being able to read his story was a true treat.

And my favorite erotic story of 2008 was...
Mahape a ale Wal'au by Paul G. Bens

This story is the biggest reason this best of list isn't called my favorite erotic romances of the year. While it's certainly romantic at its core, it's not a traditional romance with a standard HEA. That doesn't stop it from being one of the most moving stories I've read in a very long time, though. The author shapes this short story with delicate precision, painting pictures and emotions with such vivid prose that it transcends any genre. It's as much a love affair with the scenery as it is with the Everyman Toshi. Neither suffers for the attention. The end result is an absolute gem.


Paul said...

Oh y'are gonna give me SUCH a big head.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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More to add to the *to buy* list! :)

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Thank you so much!