Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Marine by Anna Leigh Keaton

TITLE: The Marine
AUTHOR: Anna Leigh Keaton
PUBLISHER: Cobblestone Press
LENGTH: Short story (roughly 6k)
GENRE: Contemporary erotica
COST: $2.99

The Pleasure Club satisfies sexual fantasies. Hers is to relive the last night she saw her fiancé, right before he shipped off to Iraq

I knew I was asking for it by buying this short story. Others in this erotica series have hit certain kinks, but this one…this one made me sigh just from the short blurb. I never honestly thought it would succeed for me as an erotica piece, and in that respect, I was right. That doesn’t mean I didn’t fall for it. Oh, no, it got me exactly like I anticipated – by tearing out my heart and leaving me shredded.

Sherilyn has set it up to relive the last night she saw her fiancĂ© William, the night he proposed. Five years after the fact, she is still grieving, and she is desperately hoping this encounter will give her the closure she needs. The man who shows up looks close enough to William to temporarily make her forget he isn’t, all the way down to how he smells. The sex that follows their dinner is hot but always, always, the melancholy is there, undercoating every kiss, every word, every breath. It’s a very good thing this story was short. Any longer, and it would have been too much to bear. As it stands, it’s just the right length to get tangled up in the web of Sherilyn’s emotions, enough to embroil me as the reader without going too far.

Because of the set-up, Sherilyn is the only who is actually real in this piece, but I must admit, I’m utterly fascinated by the potential of who William was, and who this man is who satisfied her fantasy. It’s a credit to the author to make him fulfill both roles, and leaves me hungry to try more of her work. I do actually have at least one other story on my TBR pile, and after reading and getting so involved in this, I’ll be digging that one out. Because this made me ache as the most moving stories should, transcending a simple piece of smut into something beautiful, just through the emotions.


8/10 – Melancholy and swift with a side of hot


6/10 – He’s a representative figure in this rather than a fullblown personality, but the hints of who he is representing broke my heart


8/10 – My heart ached for her

Entertainment value

8/10 – I didn’t fall for the erotica in this. I fell for the painful emotions.

World building

7/10 – I would totally believe, even not having the details, the world in which these people live.



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