Friday, October 16, 2009

Lost Gods by Kim Knox

TITLE: Lost Gods
AUTHOR: Kim Knox
PUBLISHER: Liquid Silver Books
LENGTH: Novel (roughly 63k)
GENRE: Sci-fi futuristic erotic romance
COST: $5.95

Waking up from a cryogenic tube with no memory isn’t the worst of Katya Ortaega’s problems. Neither is her attraction to James Kinsare, the extraordinary man who rescued her. It’s the fact that coming back to life…just might be the death of her. The one name she remembers – Paxton – seems to be the source of all the danger that now chases James and Katya to their doom…

I’m not even going to try and explain the details of this book. It’s convoluted, complex, and would end up taking up more space than I usually allow for my entire review. Suffice it to say, Lost Gods is the story of a terraformer scientist named Katya Ortaega, who wakes up from a thirty-year stasis in a cryogenic tube without any memory, and almost immediately ends up running for her life, with a man she’s incredibly attracted to at her side who keeps telling her that as soon as she has her memory back, things will definitely become less amicable between them. It’s an intriguing start, right from the get-go, and both leads are entertaining enough – smart, funny, confident – to keep me going even before the action kicks into a high gear.

That doesn’t take long. The action never stops. When they’re not physically running, they’re arguing, or having sex, or Katya is having action-packed dreams which she recognizes as memories. Each chapter ends on another cliffhanger, twisting the story into a new direction. It’s next to impossible to stop reading at the end of one, too, because the need to go on, to follow these characters along this new path, is too great to resist. It left me breathless, and hungry to see how it was all resolved.

James and Katya are both strong individuals, with their own snarky attitudes and enough attraction to keep me panting for more, even when I wasn't entirely sure what was going on. Unfortunately, that happens more than once. With all the twists and constant forward motion of story, some of the explanations about the political machinations involved in everything that’s going on get murky. It would be easy to get lost, and hurts the story in the end, but honestly, I was having so much fun with what was going on, and enjoyed both leads so much, I didn’t really care too much. Could it have been better explained? Oh, yeah. The 1st person presentation means everything is viewed through a Katya filter, and with her memory like Swiss cheese, and her feelings all over the place, it’s understandably muddled. But the use of cliffhangers kept me wrapped up in the events to the degree that this flaw is minor for me.

This was a sexy, fun-packed read, with a lot of fascinating Machiavellian detailing to both the plot and the worlds in which the characters reside. I’ve got another of this author’s books on my TBR pile. I’m really looking forward to seeing what else she has to offer.


9/10 – Action-packed and snarky, the author doesn’t give the reader a chance to take a breath


9/10 – His bad pick-up lines notwithstanding, he can rescue me from a cryogenic tube anytime


9/10 – Smart and kickass

Entertainment value

8/10 – Some of the explanations for stuff at the end gets a little jumbled, and they don’t always pick the most appropriate times to have sex, but…I was having too much fun to really care

World building

7/10 – I loved the possibilities of everything that was presented, but they were overly complex and not clearly explained in the end



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