Thursday, December 24, 2009

Striking Covers, otherwise known as The Ones That Got Away

One thing I've finally learned doing these end of year lists - it's pointless to pick out my favorite erotic and non-erotic stories. Those two lists end up being repeats of entries from my favorites broken down by length, and who wants to hear me extol the virtues of a favorite book yet again? Well, maybe the author if they read the blog, lol. But rather than bore people with rehashes of commentary on books they've already heard about, I decided to do something different today.

I buy a lot of books every year. It's my biggest luxury item. But for every book I buy, there's dozens more that I don't. So I've decided to pick and post covers of books I didn't buy this year, but the cover art is just too striking not to share. At least, they're striking to me. I've chosen ten of the twenty-six e-publishers I visit every week, and selected one title from their 2009 releases that really spoke to me visually. Each one of these ten make me stop and stare, for one reason or another. Who knows? Maybe others will follow the links, read the blurbs, and discover a story they might have otherwise missed.

I like the simplicity of this, the starkness of the white with the sole color coming from the green. It's quite elegant, while still remaining within the expectations of this being romantic suspense.

I think this is just beautiful - the coloring, the softness, the pose. The juxtaposition of the chains with the wings is subtle, and its etherealness absolutely exquisite.

When Drollerie Press started, their covers looked like none others out there in e-publishing. This one is no different. Its multiple layers feel seamless, and while it's a tad busy for me, the coloring and symbols used always catch my eye, which is what a cover is supposed to do.

Yes, this is a purely superficial favorite. Gorgeous dark guy + heavy black chains + dungeon cell background = pure win. I don't read this series, and I don't really trust Ellora's Cave covers to have anything to do with the actual story, but sometimes I stare at this and wish I dared to buy it and try.

The play of light and dark in this is captivating. Truly. I love this cover so much, I've actually been tempted on three different occasions to go and buy the book.

I love April Martinez' work. I think she and Anne Cain are the two most consistently superior cover artists out there right now (though Kanaxa at Samhain is quickly becoming a favorite of mine). I find the texturing on this riveting, especially since it makes me want to buy a Carol Lynne book when I've never had any good luck reading her.

I obviously have a thing for moody, huh? This appeals the same way Southern Gothic appeals, creepy and evocative.

This is the cover that inspired this whole post. I saw this around the blogosphere as well as at the e-publisher when it was released, and always stopped to look at it. It's so gorgeous, from the delicate calligraphy, to the coloring, to a hero I wouldn't throw out of bed.

Another really superficial choice, but come on. Two gorgeous guys, in such a sensual, romantic pose? How am I supposed to not stare?

I find this incredibly elegant, and honestly, looks like something I might pick up in B&N. It's so professionally done, not too cluttered, easy to read, a great contrast of colors without spinning out of control. Just a classy, classy cover.

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Jeannie Ruesch said...

Thank you for the mention of my book's cover! I'm thrilled you found it so appealing. :)