Friday, March 26, 2010

Time Currents by Brenna Lyons

TITLE: Time Currents
AUTHOR: Brenna Lyons
PUBLISHER: Logical-Lust Publications
LENGTH: Novella (roughly 17k)
GENRE: Futuristic fantasy erotic romance
COST: $2.99

Lord Sevryn doesn’t expect to find his soulmate in the form of one of his female servants, but unlike the rest of his family, he doesn’t care about the difference in their status. Except it’s not as different as Bettina would have him think…

If I had known this book was the second in a series, I wouldn’t have bought it. It suffers from exactly what bothers me the most coming into the middle of a series – an assumption on the part of the author that I know and understand the world he/she’s created. I knew nothing going into this but the blurb, and while I didn’t hate it, I can’t help but think that knowing more would have made it a much more enjoyable read.

The world seems to have strict social strata, with highborn and lowborn. Characters also have the ability to heal, see the future, read the past, move things with their minds, and so on, but none of it is explained. Bettina has the ability to read time currents, but it’s an ability she stifles, working as a maid in an attempt to pretend she isn’t what she is. Sev is telekinetic, though I learned that almost offhandedly. Everything comes across that way, and it stands in the way of really getting very much but the most superficial of reactions from the story.

The writing is clean and intelligent (though I will never understand why authors find the need to specify nipples as male; it always seems to imply to me that the male owner has a female nipple somewhere else), but my constant stream of questions seemed to make this story last far longer than it should have. The characters are charming and appropriately noble, but again, questions of why they are the way they are keeps them from coming fully to life. There are a plethora of interesting ideas behind everything, but without sufficient detail or explanations, that’s all they are. Ideas. And that’s just not enough for me to care about pursuing the rest of the stories.


8/10 – Clean and swift, but occasional word choices and my constant questions slowed me down


6/10 – Charming and noble, but it always felt like there was more there than what I got


6/10 – The issues of her past seemed overly simplistic and not fully explored to merit her strong reactions

Entertainment value

6/10 – Some fascinating concepts, but it always felt like there was something being left out

World building

6/10 – I liked the ideas behind it, but I never felt immersed



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