Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Infinite Instant by Danielle L. Parker

It's going to be very obvious things are a little different today. I wrote a review, all pretty and very positive, then discovered when I was putting it together with links that it is no longer for sale. Not at the publisher, not at Fictionwise, and there's nothing at the author's site to indicate that it would be for sale someplace else. That's the downside to how I handle my reading and reviewing. I bought this book a year ago, though it came out in 2008, and only got around to reading it this past weekend. It was an intense read when I did. I couldn't put the story down. My daughter complained that every time she looked out at me from third base, my head was bent. I'm a little disappointed it's no longer available. I would have wanted others to try it out.

This incident reminded me of a comment I made last week on Kassa's LJ. She was talking about how to pick from the dreaded TBR pile, and as I'm completely anal about organization, I decided to share my method. This is what I posted:

In case it's not obvious from my reviews, I organize things to an inch of their lives. My rubric for scoring is typical of how I approach my TBR pile, too. In that case, I use spreadsheets. Two actually, one to keep track of books I've yet to read and one to keep track of books I've reviewed. I can sort them by date published, author, publisher, genre, and length at that point, all to my heart's content. Because I have certain criteria I've placed on my own blog - m/m or menage on Monday, never review more than one book by an author or publisher per week - that allows me to put filters on the spreadsheet so I can only look at the possibilities that fit for that day.

At that point, I randomly select three titles and pick from there. That allows me to take into consideration how much time I have for the review and what I'm in the mood for. I probably have more freedom than people who review for group blogs because I don't feel constrained by purchase/publishing dates. My philosophy is, I bought it and if I'm not in the mood to read it, I'm not going to force myself. I'm sure the author would prefer me approaching their work with enthusiasm rather than dread.

Whittling is another story. That just doesn't happen effectively. I have just as many print books as I do e, because I have a tendency to buy books as soon as I become aware of them, rather than wait and forget a potentially wonderful book.
Of course, my method bit me in the butt this week. I didn't bother checking to see if the book was still available, because it never even occurred to me it might not be. I won't be changing my methodology any time in the near future. What this taught me was to check a book's availability before I read it for reviewing for now on. C'est la vie.

And the book I liked so much? The Infinite Instant by Danielle L. Parker. It's a futuristic sci-fi, with noir sensibilities and some highly literate writing. Tons of action, lots of twists and turns, and no easy answers. Plus, it had a heroine who, if she was a little bit too physically perfect, was more than a little gray on the morality scale. With the hots for the crime lord's pimp son. It was a great break from the safer stories romance offers, so I would say that if you ever find it available again, jump on it. There's an excerpt at Fictionwise for those who might be curious. I wonder, though, if that means the sequel won't ever be released. That's a shame. I would have loved to read it.


Rusty La Violette said...

You can purchase a print copy on Amazon, I understand, according to


Book Utopia Mom said...

Thanks for the heads up. I actually knew that was there, but since the publisher listed is the same one that doesn't have the book on its website, I'm reluctant to believe it's actually available.

Danielle said...
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Danielle said...

Hello: I'm the author of the book, "The Infinite Instant" (which was also the 2009 EPPIE Winner in the Science fiction category).

Thanks, first, for reviewing my book.

And the update on its availability: its original small press Canadian publisher is no longer focusing on speculative fiction. Being a small press, they also didn't market it extensively.

But the book will probably be available on Amazon for a while.

I'm looking for a new home for the work AND its unpublished sequel, "The Nihilistic Mirror". Which I, too, hope sees the light of day.

Any good agents or publishers interested, let me know.

But the bad news is: I haven't had one agent, not one, so much as ask for a sample to review. And that's after a lot of queries sent out. My book won an award, but I guess that's not enough.

So right now the book is sitting somewhere in the slush pile at a big NY publisher, where it's waited already longer than a year.

And that publisher didn't answer when I checked with them to see how my book was progressing--exactly one year later.

So I started all over again this month with another. This publisher quotes their slush pile wait as 9-12 months.

That's life in the trying-to-sell-a-book world. Writing is fun, marketing is hellishly frustrating.

Thanks again for the review, and wish me luck with the three completed novels I now have sitting waiting for a publisher...

May 2, 2010 8:32 PM

Danielle said...

An update from the author here!

First, The Infinite Instant will be re-issued by Mercury Retrograde Press this year (2011). Closely followed by its sequel, The Nihilistic Mirror. The Nihilistic Mirror sees Minuet James traveling from Detroit to eastern Europe and the Middle East.

The third Minuet James adventure, Knight of Faith, is in work.

Thanks again for reviewing my story. All three Minuet James adventures will be available from the publisher or on Amazon.