Friday, March 30, 2012

Bust #4

Being on vacation for two weeks meant I should've had a lot reviews lined up, but unfortunately, I ran into quite a few duds in my reading choices.

One was a truly awful novella by Jo Barrett called "Doorway to His Heart." I thought it would be a sweet time travel-type story, but it was riddled with so many editorial mistakes, it was a joke. Even laugh out loud funny. For instance, in the first chapter, the heroine has woken up in the body of a different woman in a different time. There's this line: “Okay,” she whispered. “There’s a perfectly good explanation. I’m either dead or—I’m in a comma! Of course! ” I laughed for five minutes solid.

The second novella wasn't awful, just utterly forgettable, a ghost story called "Ride the Lightning" by Rebecca Goings. The story was short, but it took me forever to finish it, mostly because it felt so by the numbers. I was bored out of my head with it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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K. Z. Snow said...

It's waking up and finding yourself in a colon that's really traumatizing.